Early settlers in the United States learned early that the thatched roofs created from marsh and seagrass that were common in England were no match for the harsh winters of the Northeast. This led them to search for new ways to cover their roofs to keep out the wind and rain. They began using thin slices of wood, finding that they protected the home from the elements better. Even today, historic homes, even those built during modern times that have a historic look, have a wood shingle roof.

Wood Shingles

Advantages of Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are lighter than other types of shingles, adding less weight to your home than clay or slate. This means that you would not need to reinforce your walls or add roofing framing to install wooden shingles as you do with other roofing types. Wood is easy to install and are very easy to repair. Damaged shingles can be cut away and replaced one at a time if necessary. Asphalt shingles are not environmentally friendly, but wood is actually beneficial to the environment as it is recyclable and contains no pollutants that could contaminate water or air.

Wood Shingle Roof Life

Wood shingle roof life estimates are as high as many high-grade asphalt shingles. Wood shingles can last as long as 50 years although to extend the life they do require some maintenance. The roof should be washed regularly to remove any mold or mildew that could build up. A moisture protecting sealant is also recommended annually. At TEMA Roofing, we only use corrosion-resistant fasteners, not steel nails in order to protect your roof from damage. When choosing colors for wooden shingles, keep in mind that, over time, wood roofs transform from reds or browns to a natural gray or silver patina.

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Choosing a Wood Shingle Roof Contractor

If you have decided to install wooden shingles on your home, you want to choose a contractor with extensive experience with installation. TEMA Roofing has decades of experience with wood shingle roof installation and repair. Our experienced, knowledgeable technicians have been installing wooden roofs for many years and are aware of the special care needed for their installation. We treat all customers as if they are family because we believe you are part of our family. Your satisfaction is all that matters to us.

If you are considering replacing your roof with wood, or if you are building a new home and want it to have that historic, wooden roof feel, contact us today to learn more. You can talk to one of our helpful customer service representatives by calling or you can complete the simple form online.

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