Brick homes have a timeless, classic look, yet you may think that brick is beyond your budget if you are searching for siding installation, repair or replacement. Today, however, brick veneer siding panels can give you the brick house you want at less cost than natural brick. TEMA Roofing has extensive experience installing, repairing and replacing brick veneer and their outstanding technicians can help guide you through the entire process.

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Why Brick Veneer Siding?

Brick veneer siding panels allow you to cover your entire home with brick or add brick accents that give your home that stately, authentic appearance. Today’s modern manufacturing processes allow you to install brick on the outside of your home much more quickly than the one-brick-at-a-time process used by masons. The panels give your home the look of real brick, but at lower costs and in less time than natural brick.

Benefits of Brick Veneer Siding

One of the main benefits of brick veneer is the price as it is much less costly than natural brick but looks very close to the real thing. It provides the same warmth and character as natural brick. It is easier to install and is much lighter than real brick. Brick veneer is also easier to insulate than natural brick and provides better sound protection. It is also resistant to fire, making it a safer option than other siding materials. Natural brick can also warp or crack due to temperature changes, but veneer can handle even extreme weather fluctuations. When there is a problem, veneer is much easier to repair as well.

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Why Choose TEMA Roofing for Your Brick Veneer Siding

Just as you would choose a highly-qualified stone mason to install natural brick, you want someone with extensive experience to install your brick veneer siding panels. Although brick veneer is easier to install than natural brick, it still requires skill, knowledge and the ability to deal with unusual home styles or shapes. TEMA Roofing has highly-qualified technicians who have been installing brick veneer for decades, so you know they have handled any circumstance that could arise while installing veneer on our home.

If you are considering brick veneer or are in need of repairs on your siding, contact TEMA Roofing today to learn how they can help. Their friendly customer service department can be reached by phone or you can simply complete the easy form online to learn more about brick veneer.

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