Doors are an important part of your home, whether it is your front door, a patio door or even interior doors that lead to the various rooms in your home. Your front door is often the first thing people notice when they visit your home, so you want it to be welcoming and appealing. Your patio doors open into your peaceful space, whether it is a deck surrounding a pool, a patio overlooking gardens or simply a way for you to access your backyard. At TEMA Roofing, we understand just how important the look, feel and structure of your doors are. We know that they add curb appeal but are also one of the first defenses of protection for your family.

Replacement Doors

Benefits of Metal Doors

If you are trying to choose between metal, wood or fiberglass doors, there are several benefits metal doors have over other types. Metal doors are energy efficient and offer outstanding insulating value. Metal doors require less maintenance than wood, although fiberglass doors are less likely to dent than steel. Metal doors are also less expensive than other types of doors. They can be painted any color you choose, creating flexibility when it comes to the exterior look of your home.

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Beautiful, Long-Lasting Replacement Doors

You have many options available for replacement doors, all of which will be beautiful and can last quite some time if they are maintained properly. Metal doors add an additional layer of protection as they are sturdier than other types of doors. Fiberglass doors are lighter and require less maintenance than other types. If you want a stunning front entrance, consider stile and rail door with decorative side or center windows. Instead of a traditional sliding door onto your patio, consider a French door which will create a whimsical, airy feel to your interior while providing an attractive access to your exterior.

Benefits of Replacement Door Installation

The main reason to consider replacing doors is that a new door improves the aesthetics of your home. New doors are also more secure than older door styles,e specially fiberglass and steel versions. Newer deadbolt and other lock options can increase the security of your new door even further. Older doors do not have as much insulation as newer models, so replacing your exterior doors can improve the energy efficiency of your home. When it comes to interior door replacement, you can completely change the look of your home by replacing your interior doors. Instead of painted doors, consider replacing them with doors stained to match other trim in your home. Replace low-cost panel doors with more attractive six-panel options for an updated look.

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