James Hardie is a recognized leader in roofing and siding, known for their “Hardiezone®” system that ensures you get the product that is best suited for the climate in your region. James Hardie tests all products to be sure they can withstand the elements, whether it is UV rays, hurricane winds or blizzards. They understand that the elements can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home. Cold can cause the siding to crack, rain can cause wood to expand and wind can pull shingles from your roof. At TEMA Roofing, we are proud to offer our customers James Hardie siding and shingles.

James Hardie Products

As James Hardie siding installers, we know that all of the company’s products are engineered for climate. Climates in North America can range from sub-zero temperatures to scorching dry heat as well as high humidity and hurricane force winds. The exterior of your home is constantly being tested and James Hardie siding has passed that test in over four million homes. One of the ways that the company is moving ahead in the siding industry is through the Hardiezone system which acknowledges that one size does not fit all when it comes to siding.

HZ5 and HZ10 Products

HZ5 products are perfect for homes in freezing climates as well as those with extreme seasonal variations in temperature. The surface of this siding is high performance with superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance to protect against ice and snow. Lap siding also has a drip edge to provide better water management, giving you siding that is engineered for cold weather. HZ10 products are engineered for areas that deal with hurricane-force winds, salty sea air and brutal, humid heat. The boards resist cracking, rotting or swelling and the latest enhancement is a new primer. This primer works better than fiber cement primer, allowing for better heat adhesion and moisture resistance.

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James Hardie Shingle Siding

There is no doubt that wood siding leaves a lasting impression, but it also comes with significant maintenance requirements. If you love the look of wood siding, consider a James Hardie shingle installation. It gives you the look of wood without the maintenance. Like all James Hardie siding, shingle siding includes the patented ColorPlus technology as well as engineering for your particular climate.

If you are considering siding replacement, contact TEMA today to learn more about James Hardie shingle installation. Our James Hardie siding installers are experienced and will complete the job as if they were working on a home owned by their own family because at TEMA we think our customers are family. Contact us today by completing the easy online form or giving us a call.

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