If you love the look of natural wood siding but it just is not in your budget, you may want to consider hardboard siding. Hardboard siding is created from wood fiber and wax resin that is more affordable than natural wood and is actually more durable. TEMA Roofing has a wide variety of hardboard siding and their staff is highly knowledgeable about installation, repair, and replacement of this type of siding.

Hardboard Siding

What is Hardboard Siding

Hardboard siding is created by compressing wood fibers and mixing those fibers with resin to create boards that are stronger than natural wood but much lighter. Today’s hardboard siding is much more durable and long-lasting than in the past as long as it is installed and prepared properly. The siding does need regular care and maintenance, but with the proper care can be a good inexpensive option for homeowners.

Benefits of Hardboard Siding

The biggest benefit of hardboard siding is that it is less expensive than other types of siding. In addition, it is moisture proof and resistant to abrasion. It is also less likely to harbor fungus or mold, unlike natural wood siding products. The wood can be stained and treated to look like real wood with the same textures as a natural wood grain.

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Repairing Hardboard Siding?

There have been reports of hardboard siding that was not installed properly or maintained as it should have been developing damage. If you have hardboard siding that is cracked, has holes, loose nails or is missing sealant, you will want to have it replaced as soon as possible. Hardboard must be installed at least six inches from the ground, grass, mulch or plants and vines should not be permitted to twine around the siding. Minor damage may be repaired with caulk or paint, but once the siding has absorbed water, you will need to replace it. Water damage will not just harm your siding, but could also damage your home structure. If you see significant damage or any water damage at all, contact TEMA Roofing as soon as possible.

Call TEMA Roofing Your Hardboard Siding Experts

TEMA Roofing has been installing, repairing and replacing hardboard siding for decades. If you see damage to your hardboard siding, contact them immediately. They will inspect the damage and recommend the least costly option for your home. Their team of experts will guide you through the entire process.

If you are considering hardboard siding or your hardboard siding is showing signs of damage, contact TEMA Roofing today. Their friendly staff can be reached by phone or you can simply complete the easy form online.

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