Tema Roofing has been providing quality, reliable roofing services for Pennsylvania for years. We’re well aware of the many challenges and concerns related to your home or business’ roof. It’s not just the obvious – keeping the weather out and climate control in. No, your roof is also a load bearing structure, integral to keeping your building stable and intact. It also speaks volumes about your building at first glance.

No matter how nice your building is, a roof that’s ugly, shoddy or in a bad state of disrepair, it ruins the entire impression outright. This is called curb appeal, and poor curb appeal can affect insurance policies and prices, reflect poorly on you as a business or homeowner, and badly hurt the rentability or resale value of the building in severe ways.
Tema’s got decades of experience in handling basically every type of roof from residential to commercial, and just about every variety within either niche. We provide comprehensive and honest inspection and evaluation which can enable us to spot problems that may not be obvious and to address them before they do evolve into serious problems that become a much bigger task to remedy.

We’re aware that roof repairs and installations are disruptive to daily life or business operations. This is why we focus on being as expedient as possible while providing top-notch service, so we can repair or replace your roof quickly, with minimal disruption to you.


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PA Commercial Roofing Services

While many roofing contractors specialize in residential primarily (due to residential roofs being more given to decay), we proud ourselves in providing the same level of expertise and care into industrial roofing as well. We can handle metal roofing at retail installments all the way up to advanced TPO. No matter what type of roof your business has, our years of experience and knowledge can help!

Commercial Roof Repairs PA

The biggest key to successful commercial roofing is to spot and solve the problem on the first attempt. Roofing problems are not unlike rust on cars, or mold in plaster – the longer these problems are left to their own devices, the worse they can become. This is exacerbated further when failed repair attempts are made, exciting the furtherance of the problem in most cases.

Chief among these compounding problems are leaks or structural integrity issues. Leaks worsen to dangerous levels over time, as water damage spreads from a localized area, accelerating the decay and leading, in turn, to more structural problems (roofs eventually collapse from this sort of negligence). Leaks are not always immediately detectable, as water will collect in places before falling on occupants or floors, sometimes for quite some time.

Similarly, structural integrity issues are not often immediately obvious, and by the time severely obvious symptoms are present, the problem has become dangerously severe.
At Tema, we focus on finding all the problems immediately, and addressing them all swiftly before they get out of hand. We encourage arranging inspections on at least an annual basis so we can find such problems as quickly as possible.

PA Commercial Roof Replacement

We’re strong believers in trying to avoid the need to replace any roof that can be practically repaired and brought up to the correct standards. However, nothing lasts forever, and this includes even the best-built, most well-maintained roof.

We’re ready to replace your commercial roof, no matter the type and materials, at the most reasonable price, highest quality and quickest pace that’s humanly possible. Our GAF certified experts will ensure that you have a brand new, sparkling-standard roof in no time flat.

Contact us by filling out our simple online contact form or by calling us today. Don’t wait for problems to become obvious, let us nip them in the bud for you right away. Tema’s here to help!

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